REVIEW | Maff (Self-Titled EP)

One hugely positive aspect about the Internet is the ability to easily discover some fine bands from all over the world. Today’s case in point: Chilean alternative rock/shoegaze outfit Maff, who recently put out their self-titled debut EP.

Act 1 is a riveting instrumental opener that gets the listener all nice and warmed up for what lies ahead, with the pace being picked up with the short but sweet Linger Ahead, which displays solid vocals. Walking On Fire is an excellent, catchy number highlighted by a brief yet unforgettable chorus, quickly leading into the cool and upbeat Million Year Picnic featuring smashing riffs and addictive bass lines to boot.

We then have Someday, a wonderfully tranquil piece that lays heavy on the atmosphere and allows the audience to loosen up and get sucked in to the sheer ambience, before returning to the rockier side of things with the indie-influenced You and the fast-tempo Planet Wave. Soon, it all comes to an end with the highly energetic Blue Seas which delivers memorable writing once again, in addition to top notch drum work.

The band have provided us with a superb record that is consistently good from start to finish, presenting a tight mixture of both mesmorising shoegaze and foot-tapping rock that makes for a very enjoyable and varied listening experience.

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