Waiting For | Local Music Scene: Issue #6

A Copy For Collapse: Waiting For

A Copy For Collapse - Waiting For (cover artwork)

A Copy For Collapse is the brainchild of Italian electronic musician Daniele, a very talented gentleman as evident from his most recent record, Waiting For. Over the course of 10 tracks, he brings us an assortment of incredibly polished, ambient tunes that each deliver their own qualities.

We have a blend of numbers very reminiscent of 80’s new wave including Alone, Dusk and Triangle; ones with very catchy, addictive beats such as the title track, Light and Grey Sunday, and those that have an exotic, not-of-this-world sound to them like Confusion, Another Chance and Lost In Decay.

On the whole, an excellent album from who may very well be the best electronic artist that Italy has to offer right now.

Kelvin: Punching Bag


Glasgow band Kelvin haven’t been around long but damn, have they made an impact quickly, gaining quite the fanbase, in addition to garnering the attention of many big names, from radio DJ Jim Gellatly to the legendary Simple Minds. And judging by their debut single Punching Bag, it’s no surprise as to why they get lots of love.

After a slow building intro, it kicks up into what is a fantastic tune with a riveting melody which carries through the thrilling chorus and equally catchy verses loaded with memorable lyrics.

With slick vocals, great guitar work and neat drumming to boot, the hype behind this band is entirely justified and I can’t wait to hear more from them soon. Hopefully they have a debut record on the horizon…

Cats Park: Fall

cats park fall

Hailing from Russia, trip-rock duo Cats Park have made quite the name for themselves, from performing a variety of major shows, to having their music licensed for a film, to having their album A Taste Of Heaven nominated for Grammy Awards. And there’s no better place to be given an introduction to these guys than through their latest single, Fall.

A mesmerizing number that has a different, move divergent quality to it compared to most music I’ve listened to these days. The vocal harmonies are terrifically avant-grande and the music itself is pretty peculiar, yet so deeply engaging, not to mention the captivating writing on top of all that.

The pair really stand out from the crowd, and I highly recommend them to all those who are wanting something more fresh and out there.

Parallel Redemption: Existence

PR existence

I’ve known Glasgow metalcore outfit Parallel Redemption for a number of years now, and every time I’ve seen them on stage they’ve killed it. But when it comes to their music, they’ve not had the best of luck. Their debut EP, Not Everything Not Yet, received a polarising response, and a big part of that was down to it’s not-so-hot production quality, which didn’t properly reflect the band’s talents.

After going quiet for a while, they have come back with a new single entitled Existence, and I’m happy to say that they have delivered big time with this one.

Aside from the obviously improved production quality, this is a rocking tune with a tight combination of cleans and screams, smashing riffs and a catchy, upbeat melody, as well as great lyrics and a neat breakdown at the 2 minute mark.

At last, music fans are presented with a song that properly represents the talents of one of the city’s most enjoyable up-and-coming bands in the metal scene, and personally I can’t wait to hear what’s next from these guys.

Velvetbomb: Bullet To The Brain


Fresh on the Glaswegian music scene are rock and roll 2-piece Velvetbomb, who recently put out their debut single Bullet To The Brain.

A damn good number that excites with rousing vocals, memorable lyrics and a high octane rhythm built on the foundations of dynamic riffs and pulsating drum work.

The duo have made a hell of a first impression with their simple yet effective inaugural tune. Something tells me that these guys will be ones to watch in the coming months.

Black Cat Bone: Peace Of Mind

black cat bone

Edinburgh rock band Black Cat Bone’s latest work comes in the form of a single entitled Peace Of Mind.

Simply put, this is a seriously groovy tune with a hell of a catchy rhythm. The song brings us superb vocals, straightforward yet delightful riffs and really cool harmonica work.

A nifty, toe-tapping number that features blues at it’s absolutely finest, and one that is sure to please any fan of the genre.

Mantis Toboggan: I’m Good

mantis toboggan

Earlier this month, Mantis Toboggan made their live debut at Megalomatic’s 2nd anniversary show and they impressed with their enjoyably unorthodox performance.

Soon after, they released a tune for a limited time by the name of I’m Good and naturally I quickly bagged myself a digital copy, to find that it’s a pretty cracking tune. The vocal stylings are top notch, the dirty riffs are pleasing to the ears and the rhythm section is great.

With that solid combination, this is a really good debut that left me just as impressed as I was when I witnessed them live. These guys are set to make a name for themselves in the local scene.

Bellow Below – King Tuts | 22nd July 2015

bellow below

Last week, as part of the King Tuts Summer Nights 2015, I had the opportunity to see Ayrshire alternative rock band Bellow Below. I’ve been wanting to see these guys since I first discovered them via their Big Whoop EP last year. And after all this time, they sure didn’t disappoint.

They were really good from the off set, especially considering they played my favourite track of theirs, Ventura. They played a range of slick rock numbers, most of them from their EP including Adult Vegans and Belvedere, in addition to a couple of newer tracks.

Highlighted by outstanding guitar work combined with an equally strong rhythm section, they delivered a high quality performance. The long wait to witness them live was sure as hell worth it.

REVIEW | Seconds & JOYA (Split LP)

Courtesy of Soft Power Records, we have been presented with a split LP featuring a pair of bands from opposite ends of the country: Seconds from Glasgow, and JOYA from London.

Seconds are at the helm first and hook in the listener from the get go as they blast through an array of really exciting, dynamic new wave numbers such as Crawl Space, Break Hole and Bang To Rights. With fantastic vocal work, delightful riffs and ridiculously catchy rhythms, every tune hits it’s mark and it’s quite the challenge to resist hitting the replay button again and again after every listen.

JOYA soon take over with their entertaining blend of good old rock and roll featuring smooth harmonies, enjoyable guitar work, toe-tapping melodies and great writing; the highlights being AvenueRegale and Imagineering.

A high quality record that showcases two superb bands, each of whom provide an excellent display of their indisputable talents.

REVIEW | Final Days Society: Icebreaker

For nearly a decade now, post rock outfit Final Days Society have been making a big name for themselves in their home country of Sweden and beyond, having achieved success with two records among other accolades. Now the band have presented us with a new album entitled Icebreaker, and it is clear they have made the most of their talents here.

Drowner is a gentle, soothing opener that eases the listener in with tender vocals that help to accentuate the ambience, a theme that continues into Drifter which builds as it progresses to a satisfying climax.

The title track is a wonderful 10 minute intricate piece containing several tempo changes, jumping back and forth between being slow and soft, and loud and bombastic, with Overburdened Companions following afterwards to provide memorable writing and horn work. At Peace, At Last certainly stands out from the pack, being a more rocky number with great riffs and drumming.

With Debris to supply us with a riveting closure, this is a fantastic, highly polished record. The band have delivered an entertaining, tranquil listening experience that lingers in the mind long afterwards and encourages us to go back for more. Shoegaze at it’s absolutely finest.

REVIEW | Damn Teeth (Self-Titled Album)

Looking for some soothing music? Are you wanting to be entertained by relaxing songs that put the mind at ease? Well, you sure as hell aren’t getting that here, but if you’re looking for the opposite of all that, then Glasgow post-punk band Damn Teeth are just for you, as they get ready to release their debut album to the world.

The record provides a collection of 10 enjoyably ballistic tracks. Rubbed Out is an insane, high tempo introduction that gets the listener sucked into the madness early on, giving way to similarly relentless numbers such as Git MistAt A Remove and the lead single INDFINM, all of which are filled to the brim with berserk vocals, psychotic riffs and deranged rhythms.

Occasionally, they bring us a few slower, more restrained pieces such as Sick Receiver and Catface Supreme, which serve as breathers in between all the surrounding chaos.

On the whole, the band have presented one hell of a lunacy-crammed trip that’s so bizarrely insane, it’s hard not to love it.

The album will be released on Thursday 13th August, courtesy of Good Grief Records, and is available to pre-order now. The band are heading off on a UK tour in support of the record, and you can catch them at the following dates:

  • 23/07: Manchester – Kraak
  • 25/07 (Day): Sheffield – South Sea Live
  • 25/07 (Night): Liverpool – Next To Nowhere
  • 30/07: Bristol – Roll For The Soul
  • 31/07: London – The Unicorn
  • 01/08: Leeds – Chunk
  • 07/08: Aberdeen – The Blue Lamp
  • 13/08: Glasgow – Bloc (Album Launch!)

REVIEW | Eva Plays Dead: Sounds Of The Written Word

After 2 years of very hard work and much anticipation, Nottingham rock band Eva Plays Dead have presented us with a new record by the name of Sounds Of The Written Word. But does it deliver on the goods?

The group wastes little time with Live Again, a dynamic opener that is in your face with it’s vigorous rhythm, which is quickly followed by Bad Girl, a solid tune that showcases Tiggy’s incredible vocal capabilities at their very best.

The lead single Wonderland is a seriously brilliant number that is catchy as all hell, being defined by a rocking melody, fantastic chorus and ridiculously memorable lyrics; without a doubt, the highlight of the record and their best tune to date.

The fast tempo We Ain’t A Family displays high quality riffs, before leading into 1950’s Woman, which serves as an enjoyable conclusion that features excellent drum work.

While the variety in the sound is a little lacking, this is nonetheless an entertaining EP that is a worthy follow-up to Guilt Trips & Sins. The effort put into this record is very clear and they have certainly made the most of their musical talents.

REVIEW | Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 – King Tuts Summer Nights 2015

In the second of 4 shows as part of the King Tuts Summer Nights, I would finally be getting the opportunity to see Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 for the first time. Fresh off the Mickey 9s gig from the night before, I was still in a buzz and was in the mood to party down again with another capacity crowd.

Sea Bass Kid provided a cracking opening set, with the band being very active on stage delivering tunes with bouncy rhythms and superb trumpet work that caught the attention of all those filing in; they even had people dancing from the off set. A great way to kick off the show which warmed up the crowd nicely and got them buzzing.

With the venue now packed, Victorian Trout Conspiracy took to the stage, and they were utterly brilliant. The whole collective was on fire from start to finish; in particular, the brass section were excellent, the keyboard work was fantastic and the drumming was top notch, all of which getting the audience to boogie down so hard I felt the floorboards shaking at my feet. I had heard so much about this band for ages, and I’m happy to say they lived up to the hype big time.

At last, Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 made their presence felt, and credit to them for all being able to squeeze onto the stage. Right from the first note of International Sex Hero, John and the rest of the band had the people in their control as they led them on a magical, spellbinding party which had everyone going wild in unison.

They played an array of wondrous numbers, with the highlights including Gay Icon, How Many Manys and Capturado. We bore witness to a dance off – a first for me at a local gig – and I got to experience the beauty of Cross The Road. On top of that, their new tune Country As F*ck was superb.

On the whole, an amazing performance where The Yellow Movement made their mark at the prestigious Tuts in the best way possible. I look forward to partying hard with the guys again in the future.

REVIEW | Mickey 9s – King Tuts Summer Nights 2015

In the first of four shows I would be attending as part of the King Tuts Summer Nights 2015, was a line-up headlined by the magnificent Mickey 9s. Having been a big fan of the band since I first laid eyes on them in January and really enjoying their recently released debut album The Party Manifesto, I was hyped for this one. I hadn’t seen or listened to the other bands playing beforehand, so I was also looking forward to discovering some new talent. Little did I know, I would be getting way more than what I bargained for…

Scunner got the party started in style with a very entertaining opening set that captured the sold out crowd’s attention; not just because of frontman Paul donning face paint, a mighty twirly moustache and the flashiest of flashy suits, but with a range of quirky tunes featuring eccentric rhythms including Downfall, The Greatest Man On Earth and Kinky Town. The perfect warm up for the madness that was about to ensue.

Memory Man kept the proceedings going with an enjoyable set of their own that impressed with solid vocals, energetic drumming and superb riffs. While not as insane as the rest of the bill, the band still provided some fine musical entertainment that received a warm reaction and made a good first impression on myself, a first time listener of the band.

There was a real buzz in the air as we moved into the second half of the show and Jamie & Shoony were ready to take to the stage, and holy mother of God, were they so bloody brilliant. From start to finish, they had the entire audience in a ballistic frenzy that included a tonne of bouncing, clapping and singing along; nothing short of controlled chaos, to put it lightly.

The band were all on top form, with Shoony in particular getting a lot of love thrown in his direction. With tunes like Settle Down, Who Are You and Anyway, they kept the crowd fired up throughout, with the highlight undoubtedly being the moment they got everyone on the ground and jumping up high. What else can I say? It was quite the epic experience.

After one last little breather, it was Mickey 9s‘ time to shine. The question was: could they get the people going one last time? Damn right, they could, for the chaos only escalated as the crowd went even more bonkers while the band delivered an off the wall, dynamic set too groovy for even Bruce Campbell to handle. Masked vocalist Dougie was loaded with energy and made the stage his own, being backed up by the rest of the guys who dished out glorious riffs, funky drum work and the sexiest bass lines this side of the border.

They performed the best tracks from their debut album including Ammunition, Mickey 999, Psycho Control and Find A Thing, in addition to throwing out some newer material like Silence Is Violence and Ode To The Soundhouse. With everybody going off their nut, sweat flying in all directions and a painting of Christopher Walken going crowd surfing, it was simply phenomenal. How the roof of the venue wasn’t just blown right off there and then, I will never know.

Despite my feet killing me and being utterly knackered in general, I willed myself downstairs to catch The Van T’s in the bar. With a great set that brought us the likes of Growler, Daisy and Fun Garcon, it was a fantastic way to cap off one hell of an electrifying show that featured two of the best live performances I have seen all year.