REVIEW | Leanne Smith: Precious Time

From up north in Aberdeenshire hails Leanne Smith, who happens to be a very talented singer-songwriter. I initially discovered her through her debut EP, Clockwise, and I was quite impressed; a feeling that would be replicated when I witnessed her live for the first time at Pivo Pivo last summer.

Recently, she released her 2nd record by the name of Precious Time, and she has truly outdone herself with this one.

We open with Hunters, a serene acoustic tune which starts calm but is soon perked up by a catchy backing drum beat; soon leading into Could Be Us which features very engaging, emotionally-fueled writing.

The title track certainly has to be a highlight, being a wonderful slow-tempo number that not only demonstrates the best of Leanne’s pristine vocal harmonies, but it is very easy on the ears, allowing the listener to be sucked in by the soothing melody. Eventually, the EP comes to a close with Canals which serves as a satisfying rhythmic finale.

Overall, an excellent display of musicianship once again from Leanne that proves her to be among the finest solo artists in all of Scotland at the moment. There is no dispute that she has the talent to go very far, if given the right spotlight.

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