REVIEW | Aquafaux: Spellbound

More often than not, I find myself coming across bands who I give a listen and think “why are these people not getting more attention?” Edinburgh electronic synth-pop band Aquafaux fit that category of groups I feel are seriously underrated, judging by their debut EP, Spellbound.

Starting slow and gentle, the title track elevates into a smooth opener with an enjoyable drum beat. She Will Deceive You picks it up by providing a groovy rhythm and highly memorable lyrics that will certainly be left ringing in your head afterwards.

See The Rain is a really catchy, fabulously upbeat tune rocking a fantastic chorus and excellent vocal harmonies, but they save the best for last; rolling all the great qualities of the previous tracks into one to bring us an electrifying conclusion in the form of Fame Game.

An outstanding EP that starts really good and only gets better as it progresses and builds to a superb finish. With this record, Aquafaux have proved themselves to be a very talented trio who don’t deserve to be as overlooked as they are.

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