REVIEW | Fizzy Blood: Feast

I’ve discovered some mighty good bands this year, but hot damn, these guys may just take the cake – Leeds rock band Fizzy Blood, who recently released their debut EP, Feast.

Kicking off with a neat little intro, Black Sheep is a really cool opener that is heavy on the bass and highlighted by a ridiculously catchy rhythm, an aspect displayed again in the lead single, January Sun, an awesome tune with cracking riffs, memorable writing and a seriously rocking chorus.

Slither features an addictive beat accentuated by great guitar work and drumming. The band calm things down a little for the slick Cue To Leave, before cranking up the dial again with Patience, another energetic tune delivering more enjoyable riffs and bass lines. Soon, the musical proceedings come to an end with an exciting climax in the form of Queen Of Hearts.

This is an immense debut that only gets better with every spin, and it will surely rank as one of the best EPs to be unleashed in the UK’s underground music scene this year. Expect these gentlemen to go very far.

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