REVIEW | Blood Youth: Inside My Head

Blood Youth have established themselves as one of the hottest rising bands in the UK at the moment, and their debut EP – Inside Your Head – has done more than enough to cement that fact.

Piece By Piece is a heavy opening number that gets in your face instantly with ferocious vocals, ruthless riffs and incredibly memorable lyrics. But there is no time for a breather as the band are determined to keep the listener on this rollercoaster of a record; immediately kicking up the tempo further with Failure, afterwards delivering the highly bass-driven Cold Sweat.

An extra boost of adrenaline is injected with Dead Space, a relentless tune featuring swift drumming and an unbelievable chorus, before the EP wraps up with the rapid-paced Big Smoke.

From start to finish, this is an outstanding record with little flaws of note and a red-hot momentum that never burns out. With the talents that they have demonstrated, it’s certainly clear at this point that these guys are going to be something big.

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