REVIEW | We Came From Wolves (Self-Titled Album)

Last year, I discovered a certain band from Perth (now based in Glasgow) by the name of We Came From Wolves. They first caught my attention with their incredible Paradise Place EP, which I later named the #2 Local Music Scene Record of 2014. So as you can imagine, I had some mighty high expectations for their self-titled debut full-length record, and I’m happy to say the band have went above and beyond the call of duty in order to produce an incredible album.

Glasgow Stranger is a rocking, energetic number that gets the ball rolling and sucks in the listener with its memorable writing. Am I Useful keeps the established pace going with smashing riffs and an exhilarating chorus; Coraline following up with its catchy, invigorating rhythm and, once again, great lyrical work.

But then we suddenly get Where’d Your Love Go, which stands out on its own with a unique sound and overall quality unlike any other track on this record, accentuated by a seriously addictive, intoxicating beat. Easily the highlight of the album, and maybe the best tune they’ve ever done.

With other notable highlights including Butterflies, I Know You’re Leaving and Ruiner, and soon coming to a close with a slow-tempo, emotional finale in the form of I Need Something, this will surely rank as one of the best underground rock records to come out this year; one that has undoubtedly validated We Came From Wolves to be among the finest group of musicians that Scotland has to offer right now. It’s about time these chaps got their big break.

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