REVIEW | The Wild, The Youth (Self-Titled EP)

You know that great feeling when you’re walking down the street and suddenly you find a £20 note on the ground? The same can be said for when I discovered The Wild, The Youth from Manchester. One day, they popped up on my Twitter feed and I noticed they had put out their self-titled debut EP, and it was free, so I took the time to download it and give it a listen…and it proved to be something pretty damn good.

The main single Awake is a great opener with memorable lyrics and really enjoyable background electronics, soon leading into Predictable ME, featuring an intro which builds into what is ultimately a bouncy tune with an awesome chorus and featuring guitar work that really shines through.

Searching For… has to be the highlight of the EP, being a slower but still really catchy number with a cool sound, brilliant writing and yet another fantastic chorus. Lastly, we have The Epicurean which is a passionate tune to send off what is an amazing first record that displays creativity and demonstrates an original sound blending alternative rock, indie and a subtle touch of pop.

This is a band that is blooming with so much potential, and I’m really excited for what they conjure up next.

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