REVIEW | The Decoy: Parasites

To me, a really talented band is one that can hook you in and turn you into a fan within a minute of listening to them. The Decoy fit that category very well, because that’s exactly what happened when I first experienced their most recent EP, Parasites.

Short and sweet, Moustache Cash Dash wastes no time cranking up the dial from the offset, quickly leading into Vultures which features a catchy, bass-driven rhythm, as well as some fantastic writing. Parasite builds into a tune with a continually shifting tempo topped off by a great combination of riffs and drum work.

Andyouism is a cracking climatic tune which caps off this really entertaining rock record that delivers on the goods within its short duration. If the Welshmen ever find themselves in Glasgow any time soon, I’ll make damn sure I’m down at front to witness the masters at work live.

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