REVIEW | Rodney Cromwell: Age Of Anxiety

Based in London, Rodney Cromwell is a very intriguing artist who caught my attention with his new record, Age Of Anxiety. Using an unorthodox combination of many items at his disposal, from your simple, run-of-the-mill synths to even little kids toys, Rodney has produced an assortment of enticing electronic tunes highly reminiscent of 80’s new wave and synth pop made famous by the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order.

Highlights of the record include Cassiopeia, which is a calming, ambient piece oozing with a mind-easing atmosphere; Barry Was An Arms Dealer, a catchy, bouncy tune incorporating really cool robotic vocals and Baby Robot which is a merry, upbeat number. One Two Seven, Fenchurch Street andBlack Dog all make a lasting impression too, each with their own individual qualities.

Sure, it has its moments of repetitiveness now and again, but it does little to take away from what is ultimately an excellent album demonstrating not only talent, but a clear sense of creativity which is always a big plus in my books.

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