REVIEW | Peur: Future Architects

You know you have a great band when they turn you into a fan instantly, and Peur are a really great band who did just that when I listened to their We Can Build Astronauts EP a few months back. And just recently, they put out a new one titled Future Architects, which left me with a very similar sensation.

After more or less the equivalent of 2 intro tracks, it all truly kicks off with Explosions, an electrifying tune with enjoyable lyrics, a damn good chorus and a rhythm so bloody catchy you’ll be doing everything in your power to resist bopping your head to the beat. The red hot momentum is carried over into It Ends Before It Starts which delivers blistering riffs and rapid drum work, before wrapping up with Hollow Skies which serves as a thrilling climax. They even throw in a short but sweet acoustic number named Bodies for a little bonus.

While certainly on the short side, not counting the intro and bonus tracks, Peur more than make up for that with a cracking EP that will leave you begging for more rocky goodness that only an exciting act like these guys could provide.

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