REVIEW | OVER: Is This Growing Up?

Yet another underrated band who don’t get the attention they warrant – Italian alternative punk rockers OVER. I was introduced to these lovely people earlier this year when they embarked on their first ever UK tour, which involved them journeying up to Glasgow to play the mighty Bloc, and they did so in order to promote their new album, Is This Growing Up?

Over it’s 35 minute duration, they entertain us with an assortment of dynamic tunes accentuated by lively vocals, solid guitars and feisty drumming; the focal points of the record including The Promise with it’s fast tempo, Runaway which is performed with such a blazing force and comes complete with an insane chorus; and closing track The Fight which serves as a sick climax to what is all in all a fantastic album from one of the tightest bands to emerge from Italy.

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