REVIEW | Mohawk Radio: Halfway To Heaven

Manchester rock band Mohawk Radio have achieved quite the success since their formation, with accolades ranging from winning the Rock The House music competition, to playing in New Orleans representing the country of Bermuda; no small feat. But the question is are these distinctions warranted? Judging by their most recent record, Halfway To Heaven, the evidence appears to be more than clear.

Lifetime Sunshine is a gentle rhythmical opener with a blend of rock and pop, and even a subtle touch of country, that soon leads into Drive You Down which is bouncier and featuring a distinctly electronic sound. Oblivion gets more rockier as it lays heavy on the riffs, with Curious Morality then taking the tempo down again for a more prominently acoustic anthem.

Capping off with Seen It All Before, this EP does more than enough to justify the hype behind this band, as they present a record which features a wide, constantly changing variety in their sound, allowing for each song to stand out on their own and keeping the EP as a whole fresh and interesting as it progresses.

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