REVIEW | Malka: The Constant State

This has been a year heavy on experimentation, as I’ve begun to explore a wide range of genres that I never dived into before. One of those genres I’ve really been getting into more is dream pop, a division that Malka all the way from New York fit nicely into, with their debut EP, The Constant State, proving to be something pretty special.

The record opens with A Flock Of Crows, an amazing psychedelic tune with neat vocals, fantastic riffs and overall a very catchy rhythm. For Now We Live starts quiet and soothing, soon building into a louder, more resonant second half. Mientras Se Respira is a warm song that is quite unique, as it is completely in Spanish (if my awfully vague knowledge of the language stands true), an aspect revisited in later track Corazon Sin Sangre.

Wolves And Sheep is a laid-back number with a riveting, riffy climax, and Diamond Girl is highlighted by some really good drum work. In time, we come to Swoon, a fantastic final tune with a sound very similar to the opening number; perfectly treating them like bookends to what is on the whole a marvelous record with some of the best dream pop in the underground scene today.

Let’s hope sooner than later their talents are uncovered and given some exposure. Their music can’t afford to be missed by aspiring listeners.

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