REVIEW | Fingerpaint: From The Cutting Room Floor

From the city of Bradford comes a humble singer-songwriter by the name of Richard Sanderson, otherwise known as Fingerpaint, who wants to make a good initial impression with his debut EP, From The Cutting Room Floor, and he does just that.

Take Me Home is a pleasing opening number which presents the first opportunity to hear Richard’s warm vocals and delightful acoustic skills. Not Over You may be the best track of the record, featuring enjoyable piano work, a catchy beat and really neat electric guitar chords in the middle. Freefall is a slow and soothing number, and Rainy Day is another catchy, upbeat tune that sends off the record on a really high note.

The only real misstep is with Youth. While the concept is totally fine, the execution is pretty flimsy, as the “echoes” are far too loud and distorted, and overall it doesn’t make for good listening.

But aside from that, this is on the whole a great EP that any fan of folk music would love to treat their ears to.

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