REVIEW | Diamond Mindworks: Down The Line

Glasgow is awash with so many talented bands that it proves to be quite the challenge standing out, but alternative rock band Diamond Mindworks succeed in doing just that, with no better proof of that than their Down The Line EP.

Just Breathe instantly catches the attention of the listener with it’s mix of cracking riffs, a catchy beat, spirited vocals and a chorus with pretty memorable lyrics. The band keep the pace going with a couple of invigorating, energetic numbers in the form of Sirens and Numb, before following up with the title track which features some top notch, rhythmic drumming.

Out Of The Dark serves as an incredible finale which presents the audience with one last haywire tune that is sure to leave them buzzing after getting done with what is an excellent record for those who seek some dynamic music to happily bop their heads to.

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