REVIEW | Coeur: Activist

Glasgow electronic indie pop duo Coeur, I have been well aware of for a fair while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I took the plunge and checked them out, as a copy of their debut album Activist ended up in my hands. And after the first listen, I was immediately a fan.

The majority of the record had a very Depeche Mode vibe to it, which is always a positive in my books, and it led the way to a number of engrossing tunes. 21st Century stood out as a very catchy number with great vocals, really cool electronics and captivating writing; Tick Tock was notable for it’s smashing guitar work and fun chorus, and the album’s lead single Disappear Here was an excellent, addictive song. Other highlights included Rio and the title track for their fast, upbeat melodies.

A really enjoyable and memorable record which only gets better with every listen, and at a time where many electronic outfits in Scotland like CHVRCHES and Prides are making their mark, Coeur can easily earn a spot among the elite if given the right platform to demonstrate their clear talents.

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