REVIEW | Cardinal Bay: Way Back Home

I want to take this time to thank a certain photographer named Marianne Harris. Since I started following her work, I’ve went on to discover a variety of incredible bands across the UK, and I can now add Somerset hardcore pop band Cardinal Bay to that long list. Recently, I noticed they had released their debut EP – Way Back Home – so I took the time to check it out, and I was frankly quite impressed.

This is, simply put, an electrifying record with a sheer, explosive energy that never lets up at any time. The opening title track is undoubtedly the highlight, igniting a buzz which gets the listener hooked from the get go, and that momentum continues as the outfit fire through the rest of the slick tunes the record has to offer including Everytime and Hold Tight.

An invigorating debut EP from a most welcome addition to the UK’s thriving music scene. It has certainly cemented these guys as a band who are going to rise through the ranks over the next few years and quickly make a name for themselves.

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