REVIEW | Bloodlines: Love The Taste

I’ve been well acquainted with Fort William rock band Bloodlines for over a year, and have been really impressed with their music; the little there was. But finally, after the longest wait, they at last put out their highly anticipated debut EP, Love The Taste.

The title track serves as an energetic opener that hooks in the listener from the get go, followed up by Stop Me, which features a great chorus, andPolarbear, an exciting, fast tempo track. The band’s inaugural single We Are Anonymous is up next, a simple yet effective tune with very memorable lyrics and a captivating, addictive beat.

Wrapping up things is Cathedral, which kicks off with a slow building intro accompanied by a neat bass line, before suddenly launching into what is an exciting, explosive track with a ridiculously catchy rhythm and a complex sound to it thanks to fantastic riffs and drumming, as well as passionate vocal work.

A superb debut where every track hits its mark and which clearly has a lot of love and hard work behind it. All the time, money, blood, sweat and tears spent building this EP together have paid off big time.

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