REVIEW | Black & White Boy: The Avenue

The brainchild of musician Andrew Nicol, I only discovered Black & White Boy recently when I was introduced to them through their debut album Fragile – which was quite an satisfying record – and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as their next release, The Avenue, was on the way very soon.

Well, it’s now here and it has truly succeeded delivering on the goods, providing an album which is a rare case of being one that is consistently strong from start to finish, so trying to pick out the highlights is quite the difficult task. Captivated gets things rolling as a really enjoyable, chilled intro track with stand out lyrics, followed by A Beautiful Revolution afterwards which features a fun beat, great acoustic guitar work and brilliant trumpets that are pleasing to the ears.

Other tunes that stick out as memorable include the likes of It’s About Time, Shifting Sands and Come Back Home, but it doesn’t get any better thanMiss Complication, an undeniable case of saving the best for last, being an amazing number with top notch guitar work, quality backing pianos and an unbelievably catchy chorus that is almost certain to get glued in your head for a fair while afterwards.

The Avenue does what a second record should: improve upon everything from the first release, and that has been done to a very high standard. A strong album that will rank as one of the best in the folk category that Scotland has to offer in 2015.

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