REVIEW | Mickey 9s: The Party Manifesto

On a cold, January night, I headed down to Nice N Sleazy for a gig to show my support for a couple of my favourite bands who were playing said show. Also on that bill were a band by the name of Mickey 9s, who I had vaguely heard of but had never actually checked out before, so I reckoned this would be a nice opportunity to discover some new music…let’s just say, I got well more than what I bargained for. Hands down, one of the most extraordinarily ludicrous, yet amazing live sets I’ve ever witnessed. I may have just found something special here with these guys.

Fast forward 5 months later, and the Mickey 9s released their debut album, The Party Manifesto, and it was everything I hoped it would be. It can be best described as listening in on the most awesome, most-likely-narcotic-fueled rave party on the planet, in the form of ten funky as hell tracks.

The yellow-masked Dougie takes lead of the festivities on vocals and he gets the job done greatly, helping further elevate the ongoing madness with his enjoyably quirky style. Also prominent throughout the album are cool riffs, catchy drum beats and some of the best bass work I’ve heard in the longest time.

The lead single Psycho Control is an exciting, bombastic number, and Find A Thing slowly builds to an explosive payoff. Other notable highlights include the likes of Electric Eel, Icarus and a lovely tribute to a god among men, Christopher Walken.

I’ll be damned if this record is not on a bunch of best albums of the year lists, for this is one of the most entertaining musical experiences of 2015 that has been unleashed by one of the country’s craziest rock acts.

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