Boy George | Local Music Scene: Issue #5

Diamond Mindworks: Down The Line


Glasgow is awash with so many talented bands that it proves to be quite the challenge standing out, but alternative rock band Diamond Mindworks succeed in doing just that, with no better proof of that than their Down The Line EP.

Just Breathe instantly catches the attention of the listener with it’s mix of cracking riffs, a catchy beat, spirited vocals and a chorus with pretty memorable lyrics. The band keep the pace going with a couple of invigorating, energetic numbers in the form of Sirens and Numb, before following up with the title track which features some top notch, rhythmic drumming.

Out Of The Dark serves as an incredible finale which presents the audience with one last haywire tune that is sure to leave them buzzing after getting done with what is an excellent record for those who seek some dynamic music to happily bop their heads to.

Alice Signal Fires: Ghost


If you want an example of a band who know how to make a pleasant first impression, look no further than Alice Signal Fires from Belfast and their debut album, Ghost.

The title track kicks things off, starting off primarily acoustic and growing louder before revamping into a bombastic tune with exciting strings and drums. Raise The Dead features a stimulating rhythm that sucks in all those listening in and there’s enjoyable lyrical work to be had, and Consolation Prize is a rocking number with a cool beat to it that comes complete with some tasty electric riffs.

With other notable highlights including Phantoms, March 18th and Pacing, this is a high quality effort from a mighty talented group of musicians well catered to all fans of good old indie folk rock.

Sisters On Wire: (Self-Titled EP)


From the far reaches of Lithuania comes a band by the name of Sisters On Wire, who happen to be proficient in the genres of soul and indie-rock, which are blended nicely together in their debut EP.

Through this record, the band present music enthusiasts with the opportunity to indulge in a fantastic collection of intoxicating tunes with exhilarant choruses, wonderful synths and great guitars and vocals throughout, with Parallel World undeniably being the best of the lot.

A highly underrated EP from a highly underrated group who’s music demands much more attention, and rightly so.

The Decoy: Parasites


To me, a really talented band is one that can hook you in and turn you into a fan within a minute of listening to them. The Decoy fit that category very well, because that’s exactly what happened when I first experienced their most recent EP, Parasites.

Short and sweet, Moustache Cash Dash wastes no time cranking up the dial from the offset, quickly leading into Vultures which features a catchy, bass-driven rhythm, as well as some fantastic writing. Parasite builds into a tune with a continually shifting tempo topped off by a great combination of riffs and drum work.

Andyouism is a cracking climatic tune which caps off this really entertaining rock record that delivers on the goods within its short duration. If the Welshmen ever find themselves in Glasgow any time soon, I’ll make damn sure I’m down at front to witness the masters at work live.

Rodney Cromwell: Age Of Anxiety

Rodney Cromwell - Age of Anxiety (cover artwork)

Based in London, Rodney Cromwell is a very intriguing artist who caught my attention with his new record, Age Of Anxiety. Using an unorthodox combination of many items at his disposal, from your simple, run-of-the-mill synths to even little kids toys, Rodney has produced an assortment of enticing electronic tunes highly reminiscent of 80’s new wave and synth pop made famous by the likes of Depeche Mode and New Order.

Highlights of the record include Cassiopeia, which is a calming, ambient piece oozing with a mind-easing atmosphere; Barry Was An Arms Dealer, a catchy, bouncy tune incorporating really cool robotic vocals and Baby Robot which is a merry, upbeat number. One Two Seven, Fenchurch Street and Black Dog all make a lasting impression too, each with their own individual qualities.

Sure, it has its moments of repetitiveness now and again, but it does little to take away from what is ultimately an excellent album demonstrating not only talent, but a clear sense of creativity which is always a big plus in my books.

Vukovi: Boy George


With the release of their debut full-length album approaching, Scottish rock band Vukovi have given us a taster in the form of their newest single, Boy George.

This is without a doubt their heaviest tune to date, thanks to a tight combination of rigorous riffs, great bass lines and relentless drumming. As always, the vocal work is on top form and the band continue their trend of producing choruses so damn catchy that they get stuck in your cranium for quite some time afterwards.

An incredible, high-adrenaline song that ranks among their best work, and one that has surely got fans more eager for their next record than ever before.

The single will be released on Monday 3rd August, and is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Altered Sky: Bury It All

bury it all

And speaking of impending albums from Scottish rock acts, Altered Sky are also in the process of putting out their first full-length record, and they too have presented a new single entitled Bury It All.

If you’ve listened to the band before, you should know what you’re in for: impassioned, powerful vocals, lively riffs and a fun, bouncy melody. While not exactly the freshest, it is regardless a solid tune with an entertaining chorus and enjoyable lyrics, and it serves as a pretty good first impression for what should be a strong album.

The single will be released on Monday 20th July, and the band head out on a UK tour with Speaking In Shadows later this summer:

  • 28/07: Bridgend – Hobos (Altered Sky only)
  • 29/07: Birmingham – The Rainbow
  • 30/07: London – The Garage 2
  • 31/07: Nottingham – Red Room, Rescue Rooms
  • 01/08: Glasgow – The G2
  • 02/08: Manchester –  Factory

Bittersweet Blasphemy: The Reckless Youth


Recently, I was given the opportunity to hear Ayrshire band Bittersweet Blasphemy for the first time with their latest single, The Reckless Youth, and I was really impressed with what I heard.

The band label themselves as a mix of post-hardcore and glam metal, and they live up to that moniker pretty nicely. In the space of 5 minutes, they deliver a cracking tune with an addictive rhythm, slick vocals, cool riffs and memorable lyrics that make this an ideal song for the audience to sing along to in any given live situation.

The band now have my attention, and I’m looking forward to hearing what they have to offer in their upcoming new EP.

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