LTKLTL | Local Music Scene: Issue #1

So I thought I’d do something a little different and have a go at writing a weekly feature, where I review a collection of the finest music to emerge from the local scene recently, as opposed to one band per review on a regular basis. If this new format is favoured well, I may just stick with it and keep up with it every week. With all that said, let’s get started!

Dialects: LTKLTL


Glasgow instrumental post-rock band Dialects haven’t been around long, but boy have they had people talking; capturing the attention of all those who have had the opportunity to witness them live on stage. After much anticipation, they finally released their debut EP – LTKLTL – earlier this week, and I’m happy to say the wait paid off.

What we get is an EP that is a perfect blend of sublime ambiance and high adrenaline rockiness that will bring pleasure to the ears of any listener. With fantastic riffs abundant in Restless Earth, cracking bass lines in the likes of Unknown Orbit and Good Luck Felix, and swift drumming across the board producing enjoyable rhythms, this is a damn fine first record that will cater well to those who indulge in math and post rock, as well as help establish these guys as a band that demand all eyes on them.

Wojtek: Wilderness


On the topic of high quality Scottish instrumental bands, Dundee 2-piece Wojtek recently put out their debut full-length record, Wilderness, courtesy of Good Grief Records. I became a fan of these two last summer and enjoyed their Becaused EP, so I had high hopes for this album, and again those hopes were satisfied.

Over the course of the record, I find it crazy the impressive sounds that the duo are able to produce. The variety of sounds created from the guitar work alone is outstanding, and the great drumming only compliments it wonderfully, with notable highlights including the opening number Isla, Heath and Bewildered.

This album shows we have the making of something real special right here with Wojtek. They are hideously underrated, and deserve the utmost attention from those who seek the finest music.

OVER: Is This Growing Up?


And here’s yet another underrated band who don’t get the attention they warrant – Italian alternative punk rockers OVER. I was introduced to these lovely people earlier this year when they embarked on their first ever UK tour, which involved them journeying up to Glasgow to play the mighty Bloc, and they did so in order to promote their new album, Is This Growing Up?

Over it’s 35 minute duration, they entertain us with an assortment of dynamic tunes accentuated by lively vocals, solid guitars and feisty drumming; the focal points of the record including The Promise with it’s fast tempo, Runaway which is performed with such a blazing force and comes complete with an insane chorus; and closing track The Fight which may be the best of them all, serving as a sick climax to what is all in all a fantastic album from one of the tightest bands to emerge from Italy.

Coeur: Activist

album cover

Glasgow electronic indie pop duo Coeur, I have been well aware of for a fair while now, but it wasn’t until recently that I took the plunge and checked them out, as a copy of their debut album Activist ended up in my hands. And after the first listen, I was immediately a fan.

The majority of the record had a very Depeche Mode vibe to it, which is always a positive in my books, and it led the way to a number of engrossing tunes. 21st Century stood out as a very catchy number with great vocals, really cool electronics and captivating writing; Tick Tock was notable for it’s smashing guitar work and fun chorus, and the album’s lead single Disappear Here was an excellent, addictive song. Other highlights included Rio and the title track for their fast, upbeat melodies.

A really enjoyable and memorable record which only gets better with every listen, and at a time where many electronic outfits in Scotland like CHVRCHES and Prides are making their mark, Coeur can easily earn a spot among the elite if given the right platform to demonstrate their clear talents.

Cardinal Bay: Way Back Home

cardinal bay

I want to take this time to thank a certain photographer named Marianne Harris. Since I started following her work, I’ve went on to discover a variety of incredible bands across the UK, and I can now add Somerset hardcore pop band Cardinal Bay to that long list. Recently, I noticed they had released their debut EP – Way Back Home – so I took the time to check it out, and I was frankly quite impressed.

This is, simply put, an electrifying record with a sheer, explosive energy that never lets up at any time. The opening title track is undoubtedly the highlight, igniting a buzz which gets the listener hooked from the get go, and that momentum continues as the outfit fire through the rest of the slick tunes the record has to offer including Everytime and Hold Tight.

An invigorating debut EP from a most welcome addition to the UK’s thriving music scene. It has certainly cemented these guys as a band who are going to rise through the ranks over the next few years and quickly make a name for themselves.

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