REVIEW | Daydream Frenzy: Pride & Wonder

The city of Aberdeen certainly has a strong music scene, producing a collection of very talented bands over the years, and one of them happens to be the focus of today’s review – pop rock 3-piece Daydream Frenzy, who not too long ago, after half a decade together as a band and releasing a variety of EPs, put out their first full-length album, Pride & Wonder.

Ensuing a neat little intro is The Way You Are Now which serves as a solid opener with a catchy beat and a buzzing energy, one which continues as a trend throughout the course of the record. Following that are the 2 lead singles, All The World; highlighted by engaging lyrics and a memorable melody, and the mid-tempo title track most notable for it’s enjoyable chorus.

Jade’s Song is an upbeat tune featuring great guitar work, which soon leads into Reverie, a fantastic instrumental piece with addicting riffs, keys and drumming that are very hard not to enjoy. The momentum continues with Wandering Man, an appealing, mostly acoustic number with quite a relaxed tone to it.

Destinations serves as a rocking climax to what is, all in all, a smashing album which starts pretty good and only gets better with every passing tune. There’s no hesitation in recommending this record, as it’s one that affirms Daydream Frenzy as not only one of Aberdeen’s finest, but one of the best pop rock outfits in the whole of Scotland right now.

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