REVIEW | The Van T’s: Fun Garcon

Last year, I discovered Glaswegian indie-grunge twins The Van T’s via Sessions On A Rug, and very quickly they became a pair to watch. The two recently released their 2nd EP – Fun Garcon – and courtesy of Shoot The Moon Records, I was able to bag myself a copy.

One aspect that was immediately clear was that the production quality was a huge step up from their debut EP. The title track kicked things off, an energetic and ridiculously catchy number with some addictive grungy riffs and highly memorable lyrics, not to mention great vocals that, naturally coming from identical twins, matched each other perfectly and added a whole other element to the sound.

Growler, the very song that led me to discover them, was up next, featuring an enjoyable melody and fantastic writing which, again, was near impossible to exile from your head, before following up with Whale, a swift, electrifying tune which winded up the record on a hell of a high note that leaves the listener dying for more.

The definition of short and sweet, this is an incredible EP that is undoubtedly the sisters’ best work to date, which further cements them as a band who have the talent to go very far.

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