REVIEW | Final Thoughts: Dead Weight

Last month, I was introduced to up-and-coming Glasgow post-hardcore band Final Thoughts when they supported Falling With Style at Audio, and I was quite impressed by their ability to capture the audience with their energetic performance.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Dead Weight, their debut EP. Over the course of 3 tracks, that same energy I witnessed them produce live comes through clearly in this record. Throughout, there are great riffs and drum work, and the vocals are pretty good too, although the screaming could do with a tiny bit of refining.

All the tracks have individual qualities that make them each stand out well on their own; Bring Me Down is a seriously catchy number with lyrics that stick in your head, This Is You has an enjoyable rhythm and Now & Then comes complete with a memorable chorus.

On the whole, a solid first effort from the band and a nice welcome addition to the city’s constantly flourishing hardcore scene.

REVIEW | Picnic Basket Nosedive: Save Yourself The Trouble

In the last few years, Dumbarton band Picnic Basket Nosedive have established themselves as one of the finest acts to emerge in the Scottish pop punk scene, captivating many with their highly energetic music. Recently, the guys put out a new single entitled Save Yourself The Trouble, and safe to say it’s among their best work yet.

One aspect that was instantly noticed was that it had a more rockier sound compared to a lot of their previous material, thanks to the terrific guitar work. The cool bass lines really stand out, and the new kid in town, Jamie, delivers some top notch drumming.

Add some lively vocals, a bouncy melody and an addictive chorus for good measure, and you have yourself a fun little rollercoaster of a tune that is sure to please any pizza-crazed pop punk fan.

REVIEW | Quandrant: Elements

The search for the best new music in the UK has led me to discover Liverpool metal band, Quandrant. And I have to say, it’s a shame these guys have not garnered much widespread attention because judging by their debut EP – Elements – they are seriously talented.

Over the course of 4 cool progressive tunes, the record has so much to offer: terrific riffs, sick bass lines, some damn good drumming, great vocal work, hypnotic melodies and addictive choruses, with the highlight undoubtedly being the opening title track, which brings out the best of this combination.

A smashing little EP from a humble and heavily underrated band, one that has injected a welcome breath of fresh air in the country’s metal scene.

REVIEW | Deadsoundz: EleMMentZ

Glasgow hip hop collective Deadsoundz have certainly been making quite a name for themselves in the city’s music scene recently. Despite barely being a listener of the genre, I took the plunge and checked out their second album, EleMMentZ, and it turned out to be something really damn good.

Under it’s thick layer of profanity, threats and talk of sexual diseases, there is actually a lot to admire about the record, especially in the writing department. Crosses is a mostly acoustic, heartfelt tune where this aspect really stands out, as it dives into the writer Macc’s difficult relationships with his friends and family. In a similar vein, IncoMMplete is a emotional and highly relatable number that reflects on dealing with the loss of a loved one.

On a more lighter note, the lyrics of Flight Of Mind are really cool and addictive, and there are a variety of tunes on the album which are ridiculously catchy and make for some good listening, including Still Don’t Care, Just Don’t Know and the closing track CCXLVII Cypher which features an array of special guest performers.

With a cracking record like this, it’s no surprise that Deadsoundz are riding on a huge wave of hype at the moment. With the right exposure, these guys have the potential to become huge, and it’d be well deserved.

REVIEW | Falling With Style: Lost And Found

Over the past 5 years, the young guns in Falling With Style have established themselves as one of the top rising musical acts in all of Wales, thanks in part to having produced 2 successful EPs – Tides and This Hell You Call Home. Now fresh off their first ever UK tour, and with a half-decade’s experience behind them, the band have put out their 3rd release entitled Lost And Found. Donning an immediately eye-catching cover, courtesy of Bethan Miller, this is without a doubt their best one yet.

It opens with the lead single Half Measures, an energetic opener with memorable lyrics and shows frontman Lucas clearly stepping up his game like never before in the vocal department. Following that is Deathbeds which further kicks up the tempo and features some fantastic scream work and stand out riffs.

After a neat little interlude is Paper Thin, a heavy number with some great drumming, which then charges into what certainly has to be the highlight of the record, Solace And Safety, a swift, dynamic and seriously addictive track, before wrapping up with the enjoyable Daylight.

It’s often said that the third time’s the charm, and that could not be any more true with Lost And Found, an incredible EP that is the result of not only some undeniable musical talent, but a fiery passion, and for that it truly demands the attention of a larger audience.

REVIEW | Kill The Ideal: Heritage

Lincolnshire rock band Kill The Ideal recently put out a new EP entitled Heritage, and as someone who only just discovered them, boy is this one hell of a good first impression to make.

The title track serves as a solid opener, but after a neat drum roll the record really gets going with Higher, a fast-paced, explosive rock tune with an addictive chorus and great vocal work to boot.

The Fire is a song fueled by energy and featuring some catchy riffs and drums, followed by My Friend which is a cracking climax with a lot of intensity that comes complete with memorable lyrics that are perfect for initiating a little sing-a-long with the crowd at any given live situation.

A dynamic EP in every sense of the word and, for me, a perfect introduction to a highly talented band. If you’re going to spend money on a rock record this week, let it be this one, as it’s worth every penny, and besides, you ought to treat your ears to some awfully cool music.

REVIEW | ACODA: Truth Seeker

It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived. Corby metal band ACODA recently released their 2nd full length album, Truth Seeker. After so much time and effort put into it by the 4-piece, a successful Pledge campaign and what was for me a strenuous wait, how does the follow up to Yours To Defend fare? It’s turned out to be nothing short of excellent.

Make It Up As You Go is an energetic starter for ten that gets the listener warmed up nicely before handing it over to the lead single, Whispers Like Roars, a blood pumping rocker with very memorable lyrics. Won’t Go Running is undoubtedly the highlight, featuring a ridiculously addictive chorus that is so difficult to resist getting stuck in your head.

Just Another Day features cracking vocal work, as well as some sick bass lines, and Sleep On It is a sweet tune that only gets better as it progresses and builds up to one hell of a heavy, exciting climax. The closing song Hymnyin is certainly the most unique track, with a sound unparalleled to all the others that preceded it, and because of that it serves as a fantastic finale to the record.

After such a good first album, I had a lot of high expectations for Truth Seeker, and it’s great to see they have been met, and then some. An incredible second effort from one of the UK’s finest rising metal acts that deserves more attention from those who desire the best of what the country has to offer.