REVIEW | Erin Bennett: ReFlowered

Originally hailing from all the way over in Texas, Edinburgh-based musician Erin Bennett has been making a name for herself recently, catching the attention of many with her captivating music. And it’s safe to say her talents are clearly evident in her debut album – ReFlowered.

From the get go, Power Back hooks the listener in, being a highly memorable opening track which gives us our first taste of Erin’s dazzling vocal capabilities and gripping writing, further reinforced by great backing vocals and top notch drumming and electronics. Her writing abilities continue to shine through in You Will Not Escape This, which features provoking lyrics as well as superb guitar work. Never Give Up The Fight also stands out as an excellent and highly mesmerizing tune.

Over the course of the record, we are treated to a variety of more catchy numbers such as Elevate, thanks to it’s addictive bass lines and cracking chorus, and Ready To Play which has a really cool sound that is hard to resist tapping your foot to. We also have a selection of delightful, slower songs including Every Time I Breathe and What You Do To Me.

Capping off with Dying In My Love, this is an outstanding album from start to finish which undoubtedly cements Erin as a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist. Also a lot of credit has to be given to the backing band, who all in one way or another bring something to the table and further add to the music.

Given the right exposure, she will certainly go far. It’s about time the world knows of the name Erin Bennett, for we have something real special on our hands right here.

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