REVIEW | Soul Remover: Just Buried

NHC Music. Not only hard working advocates supporting the local scene, but they have led me to discover an array of quality bands from across the country, with the most recent being Glasgow rock and roll band Soul Remover. Having never taken the time to listen to them, I took a little look at their debut EP, Just Buried, to get myself acquainted with them. And did I ever.

It kicks off with Poison Eye which, straight off the bat, delivers cracking riffs and tight drum work that gets the listener hooked in no time at all, with the best part being a building slow section which soon unleashes into a really neat guitar solo. Next is One Night Only which is a very catchy, thunderous tune that is pretty difficult to resist banging your head to.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the EP is Snake Oil, a slower but seriously cool number with such a unique, old west sound to it and memorable lyrics, not to mention an ensemble of clapping, whistling and backing vocals which just add to the atmosphere wonderfully.

Finally we have So Fine, a short but swift, bass-heavy tune that caps off a record which is simply brilliant, and should appeal to anybody searching for some kickass rock music.

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