REVIEW | The Summer War: Keep Up, We’re Moving On

The Summer War are a 3-piece rock band hailing from Manchester, and an excellent one at that, judging by their EP – Keep Up, We’re Moving On.

You Will Find Us In The Dark serves as a very catchy opener bursting at the seams with heaps of energy, really good vocals and memorable lyrics that are perfect for a crowd to sing along to any given live situation. Lost In Transit carries the momentum further as it delivers plenty of terrific riffs.

After a little interlude comes Recovery which is highlighted by a smashing chorus and some cracking drum work, before following up with Had It All which combines all the qualities of the previous tracks and squeezes them into a tight package that provides a rocking climax to the record.

All in all, a neat little EP we have here that clearly demonstrates the band’s talents which will almost certainly earn these guys a name for themselves.

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