REVIEW | Thirty Three Connection: Heart In The Clouds/Time And Time Again

Edinburgh is a city I have found to be brimming with a variety of high quality bands, and the latest to fall under my radar is indie duo Thirty Three Connection. After making me aware of their presence, I made a quick beeline to their most recent work, a 2-side, to give them a listen and I was thoroughly impressed by what I heard.

Kicking off with a neat little intro, Heart In The Clouds is a fantastic tune with some very catchy piano work, highly enjoyable drumming and great vocals. The background glockenspiels adds further to the sound and overall there is a clear passion behind the performance, which in turns makes for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Time And Time Again takes it down a step to provide a slower, more relaxed number which features similar qualities to the previous track, with the addition of highly memorable lyrics to boot.

The pair have certainly made a superb first impression and their talents deserve to be exposed to a wider audience.

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