REVIEW | Final Thoughts: Dead Weight

Last month, I was introduced to up-and-coming Glasgow post-hardcore band Final Thoughts when they supported Falling With Style at Audio, and I was quite impressed by their ability to capture the audience with their energetic performance.

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out Dead Weight, their debut EP. Over the course of 3 tracks, that same energy I witnessed them produce live comes through clearly in this record. Throughout, there are great riffs and drum work, and the vocals are pretty good too, although the screaming could do with a tiny bit of refining.

All the tracks have individual qualities that make them each stand out well on their own; Bring Me Down is a seriously catchy number with lyrics that stick in your head, This Is You has an enjoyable rhythm and Now & Then comes complete with a memorable chorus.

On the whole, a solid first effort from the band and a nice welcome addition to the city’s constantly flourishing hardcore scene.

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