REVIEW | Picnic Basket Nosedive: Save Yourself The Trouble

In the last few years, Dumbarton band Picnic Basket Nosedive have established themselves as one of the finest acts to emerge in the Scottish pop punk scene, captivating many with their highly energetic music. Recently, the guys put out a new single entitled Save Yourself The Trouble, and safe to say it’s among their best work yet.

One aspect that was instantly noticed was that it had a more rockier sound compared to a lot of their previous material, thanks to theĀ terrific guitar work. The cool bass lines really stand out, and the new kid in town, Jamie, delivers some top notch drumming.

Add some lively vocals, a bouncy melody and an addictive chorus for good measure, and you have yourself a fun little rollercoaster of a tune that is sure to please any pizza-crazed pop punk fan.

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