REVIEW | Deadsoundz: EleMMentZ

Glasgow hip hop collective Deadsoundz have certainly been making quite a name for themselves in the city’s music scene recently. Despite barely being a listener of the genre, I took the plunge and checked out their second album, EleMMentZ, and it turned out to be something really damn good.

Under it’s thick layer of profanity, threats and talk of sexual diseases, there is actually a lot to admire about the record, especially in the writing department. Crosses is a mostly acoustic, heartfelt tune where this aspect really stands out, as it dives into the writer Macc’s difficult relationships with his friends and family. In a similar vein, IncoMMplete is a emotional and highly relatable number that reflects on dealing with the loss of a loved one.

On a more lighter note, the lyrics of Flight Of Mind are really cool and addictive, and there are a variety of tunes on the album which are ridiculously catchy and make for some good listening, including Still Don’t Care, Just Don’t Know and the closing track CCXLVII Cypher which features an array of special guest performers.

With a cracking record like this, it’s no surprise that Deadsoundz are riding on a huge wave of hype at the moment. With the right exposure, these guys have the potential to become huge, and it’d be well deserved.

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