REVIEW | Falling With Style: Lost And Found

Over the past 5 years, the young guns in Falling With Style have established themselves as one of the top rising musical acts in all of Wales, thanks in part to having produced 2 successful EPs – Tides and This Hell You Call Home. Now fresh off their first ever UK tour, and with a half-decade’s experience behind them, the band have put out their 3rd release entitled Lost And Found. Donning an immediately eye-catching cover, courtesy of Bethan Miller, this is without a doubt their best one yet.

It opens with the lead single Half Measures, an energetic opener with memorable lyrics and shows frontman Lucas clearly stepping up his game like never before in the vocal department. Following that is Deathbeds which further kicks up the tempo and features some fantastic scream work and stand out riffs.

After a neat little interlude is Paper Thin, a heavy number with some great drumming, which then charges into what certainly has to be the highlight of the record, Solace And Safety, a swift, dynamic and seriously addictive track, before wrapping up with the enjoyable Daylight.

It’s often said that the third time’s the charm, and that could not be any more true with Lost And Found, an incredible EP that is the result of not only some undeniable musical talent, but a fiery passion, and for that it truly demands the attention of a larger audience.

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