REVIEW | Kill The Ideal: Heritage

Lincolnshire rock band Kill The Ideal recently put out a new EP entitled Heritage, and as someone who only just discovered them, boy is this one hell of a good first impression to make.

The title track serves as a solid opener, but after a neat drum roll the record really gets going with Higher, a fast-paced, explosive rock tune with an addictive chorus and great vocal work to boot.

The Fire is a song fueled by energy and featuring some catchy riffs and drums, followed by My Friend which is a cracking climax with a lot of intensity that comes complete with memorable lyrics that are perfect for initiating a little sing-a-long with the crowd at any given live situation.

A dynamic EP in every sense of the word and, for me, a perfect introduction to a highly talented band. If you’re going to spend money on a rock record this week, let it be this one, as it’s worth every penny, and besides, you ought to treat your ears to some awfully cool music.

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