REVIEW | ACODA: Truth Seeker

It’s been a long time coming, but it has finally arrived. Corby metal band ACODA recently released their 2nd full length album, Truth Seeker. After so much time and effort put into it by the 4-piece, a successful Pledge campaign and what was for me a strenuous wait, how does the follow up to Yours To Defend fare? It’s turned out to be nothing short of excellent.

Make It Up As You Go is an energetic starter for ten that gets the listener warmed up nicely before handing it over to the lead single, Whispers Like Roars, a blood pumping rocker with very memorable lyrics. Won’t Go Running is undoubtedly the highlight, featuring a ridiculously addictive chorus that is so difficult to resist getting stuck in your head.

Just Another Day features cracking vocal work, as well as some sick bass lines, and Sleep On It is a sweet tune that only gets better as it progresses and builds up to one hell of a heavy, exciting climax. The closing song Hymnyin is certainly the most unique track, with a sound unparalleled to all the others that preceded it, and because of that it serves as a fantastic finale to the record.

After such a good first album, I had a lot of high expectations for Truth Seeker, and it’s great to see they have been met, and then some. An incredible second effort from one of the UK’s finest rising metal acts that deserves more attention from those who desire the best of what the country has to offer.

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