REVIEW | One Last Secret: Restart

Kilmarnock pop rock outfit One Last Secret have certainly been making the rounds over the last few years, and with their talent, it’s no surprise to have see them build such a strong legion of fans across the country in that time. All of this have led up to their long-awaited debut full length release: Restart. And I’m happy to say that after over a year of hard work put into this album, it is without a doubt their crowning achievement.

Sidelines provides a rocking start and sets a high standard for the rest of the record to follow, which the band achieves with little difficulty. The album is chock full of enjoyable upbeat numbers including Touch, Not Really You and Fighting On My Own, as well as other songs which have their own stand out qualities; Hole is a ridiculously catchy tune with lyrics that refuse to leave my head, the slower You Took Me Away has memorable riffs that I can’t get enough of, and Ghost fittingly enough features some beautiful haunting elements, especially in the intro and chorus.

Overall, this is an absolutely fantastic album from start to finish, and one so addictive I find myself constantly going back to listen to it again and again. Whether you are a dedicated fan of pop rock, or you are just seeking high quality music in general, this is a must buy.

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