REVIEW | Misguided Anchors (Self-Titled EP)

Last week, I had the opportunity to see Glasgow melodic metalcore band Misguided Anchors live for the first time when they opened for Falling With Style at Audio, and quite frankly they impressed me. So naturally, I had to pick up a copy of their debut EP from them afterwards. And just like their live performances, the EP blew me away.

The opening track Self Hatred is a catchy number that comes complete with cracking vocals, top notch riffs and smashing drums, with War In My Mind afterwards further kicking up the tempo and the heaviness factor.

The lead single Lust is a seriously great riff and bass driven tune with a memorable chorus, soon followed by Be Unleashed, and they sure saved the best for last; a swift head banger where the band delivers their greatest work across the board, and serves as one hell of a climax to cap off the record perfectly.

All in all, this is one of the best EPs I’ve listened to so far this year, and it seriously demands more attention. With the talent these guys boast and the huge potential they hold, Misguided Anchors are almost certainly going to become a major fixture in the Scottish metal scene within the next few years.

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