REVIEW | Glory & The Fall: Style Over Substance

To say that Scotland is filled to the brim with many metalcore bands would be an understatement. Glasgow especially has it’s fair share of talented ones, and one of them is Glory & The Fall, who recently put out their debut EP – Style Over Substance.

The record kicks off ferociously from the get go with the catchy title track that features solid vocals, really good guitar and drum work and an enjoyable chorus. All of these qualities continue to be displayed throughout the rest of the EP; Worthless has plenty of sick screams and breakdowns, Nothing Left To Lose is heavy on the bass and Never Change serves as a smashing, high-tempo climax.

On the whole, a great first effort from one of Glasgow’s top flourishing metalcore talents. If these guys continue to deliver quality music and gain the right exposure, they should have little trouble making a name for themselves.

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