REVIEW | Maria McMillan: Vistas From A Bedroom Window

Scotland always seems to be brimming with a lot of really talented solo artists, and young Glasgow singer-songwriter Maria McMillan certainly fits in that category, judging by her debut EP – Vistas From A Bedroom Window.

The record opens with Who We Are, a very catchy song that introduces the listener to Maria’s incredible vocal talents. Accompanied by enjoyable piano work, this is one that ought to have you tapping your foot.

But it gets even better with undoubtedly the highlight of the EP, The Night Bus, a ridiculously groovy tune with fantastic writing and further backed up by quality guitar and drum work, before taking it down for the final track National Treasure, a slow, wonderful folk number.

Chock full of talent, and clearly passionate about her music, Maria is a musician who deserves to go very far, and there is no better evidence of that than this record.

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