REVIEW | The Big Nowhere: Don’t Burn The Fortune

A lot of my musical expeditions have been reeking of experimentation recently, from folk music with Mayor Stubbs to dark electronica courtesy of Sacre Noir, and today’s subject is no different – The Big Nowhere.

A band from Glasgow billed as a mix of rock with elements of country, folk and Americana, I was a little hesitant about tackling this one at first, due to it not being my usual cup of tea, but I was pleasantly surprised by their album Don’t Burn The Fortune, a solid record with a variety of enjoyable tunes.

The opening track Who Will Save The Bodies When They Drown? kicks things off nicely, being a laid back, foot-tapping number. We have songs like Pressure Drop and A Heartfelt Lament which certainly lean heavily on the country side and feature memorable lyrics, and I Bring The Good Times which demonstrates the band’s vocal and instrumental capabilities.

Margarita is an unforgettable slow number with a fantastic chorus and I’ll Be Damned is a ridiculously catchy tune with some top notch piano work.

The band had the task of winning me over on this one due to my music tastes, but it’s safe to say they accomplished just that. I recommend this album to all who are fans of the genre, this is one you need to feast your ears on.

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