REVIEW | Outstandifold And The Wettygrippers: Hoors ‘N’ Poodir

Don’t let their really amusing name fool you. Kilmarnock rock band Outstandifold And The Wettygrippers mean business, and that’s clearly evident from their debut album – Hoors ‘N’ Poodir.

This was my first time listening to the band, and wow, talk about making an instant impact. In their inaugural release, they deliver a tight package of excellent songs that never bore at any moment throughout it’s duration.

Like any good rock album, it comes complete with a selection of addictive tunes with catchy choruses such as Runaway, Rise and the title track, but they bring more to the table than that. Down comes out of left field by featuring elements of chiptune of all things, but somehow it works really effectively.

Game Of Life is a brilliant, mostly acoustic anthem which is capped off with some kick ass guitar riffs, and The Growler is a heavy, insane number that is sure to have any listener banging their head all the way.

It’s safe to say this album caught me off guard, one that will almost certainly go down as one of my favourite Scottish records of the year. This band is something special, and one I will be keeping a close eye on for the foreseeable future.

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