REVIEW | Who Stares At Satellites: Ruins

Who Stares At Satellites are an alternative rock band from Glasgow that I just discovered recently, and a mighty fine one at that, judging by their debut EP – Ruins.

The record opens with Crimson Paper, a really catchy number with enjoyable vocals and guitar work and a memorable chorus that I can happily tap my foot to, before taking it down a notch for Parenthesis, a rhythmic tune with some high quality bass lines and drumming.

It then follows up with Purgatory, a smashing little head-bobber with more great riffs, before wrapping up with the low tempo, laidback title track.

On the whole, a really solid debut release from an underrated band that gets better with every playthrough. If their music is anything to go by, I have to make sure I catch these guys at a live show as soon as possible.

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