REVIEW | The British IBM (Self-Titled Album)

The brainchild of frontman Aidy, The British IBM are a band with a love for 3 things: vintage computing, retro gaming and producing music, the latter of which they are pretty darn good at doing, and that is evident from their self-titled debut album.

What we get from this record is a collection of delightful indie tunes that will please the ears of any listener from start to finish. The two highlights for me have to be Sugar Water, a catchy but laidback number (and a homage to Steve Jobs) with really memorable lyrics, and Cannibal which stands out as a heavier track with quality riffs and an incredibly rocking chorus.

This album is a humble gem that I am glad to have unearthed, and it deserves way more attention from those who are seeking some fantastic new music to discover.

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