REVIEW | The Weight of Atlas: Reflections

Fresh off signing with We Are Triumphant Records, Glasgow metalcore band The Weight of Atlas recently put out their highly anticipated debut EP – Reflections. I’ve admired these guys for a couple of years now, and I’m fully aware of their talents, but after the long wait does their inaugural release meet my expectations? I’m happy to say it has surpassed them.

Kicking off with an awesome opening track, the record properly gets going with Crowned A Coward, a heavy fast-paced number with really good vocals, both the cleans and the screams, and great guitar and drum work, plus the background synths help give it a huge sound. With Grace carries the momentum further as a catchy tune with memorable lyrics.

The EP only gets better as it progresses into the second half with James Is A Cactus, after a sick intro, cranking up the heaviness even more and featuring an insane chorus and fierce screams that are without a doubt the best on the record, before following up with the final track My Falling Idle, an incredible, really catchy tune that builds to one hell of a climax.

The Weight of Atlas have certainly made a statement with this debut EP. A mighty fine record from one of Scotland’s best metalcore bands that any fan of the genre will surely get plenty of enjoyment out of. With their signing to We Are Triumphant, here’s hoping this is the start of big things to come for the guys, because they truly deserve it.

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