REVIEW | Our Lucid Reality: Hy Brasil

Now and again, when digging through the deep soils of local music, you come across a golden treasure, and that is certainly the case with Glasgow synth rock band Our Lucid Reality. Prior to being announced as support for Empire’s recent show in the city, I had never heard of these guys, so I checked out their Hy Brasil EP before the gig, and quite frankly I was blown away.

The record opens up with Microcosmic Thrones, and from the intro you know you’re in for something sweet. A really good tune with fantastic dual vocals from Chris and Amanda, great guitars, keys and drum work throughout and memorable lyrics that are sure to be stuck in your head by the end. Following that is Dusk To Dawn which contains an almost haunting glockenspiel and some unbelievably sick guitar work.

Capping off the record is the title track which is a phenomenal tune that features the band at their very best and is highlighted by a brilliant and insanely catchy chorus with impressive vocals and captivating lyrics.

All in all, this EP is nothing short of excellent, with the band undoubtedly making the most of their talents. I really enjoy the writing and they have such a grand, near-epic sound that is just dying to be played to an arena crowd. 2 months ago, these guys were totally unknown to me, but in the short space of time since then, they have quickly become one of my favourites in all of Glasgow. When a band is able to do that, you know you have something special on your hands.

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