REVIEW | Red Seas Fire: Resolution

Red Seas Fire are a band I’ve heard many good things about for the longest time, but I never actually took the time to look them up. That is until last week when they released their latest EP, Resolution, and since it was free I decided to download it for myself. And what do you know, it turned out to be something really damn good.

It all kicks off with Hourglass, a heavy and fast-paced number with a mix of sick screams and really good clean vocals courtesy of frontman Robin, before following up with the lead single Blood Bank which keeps the tempo going and features great riffs and some tasty drum work.

Up next is The Mistakes We Make, a lengthy but smashing tune delivering more quality riffs and undoubtedly the best vocal work on the EP. Opening with a cool little intro featuring trumpets, Ocean Death is an insanely catchy final track that caps off the record perfectly.

For my first time checking out these guys, I’m very impressed, for they have produced a cracking EP with every tune hitting the mark and each standing out on their own. A strong record that any fan of tech metal will certainly enjoy.

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