REVIEW | Mayor Stubbs (Self-Titled EP)

Mayor Stubbs is the name of a cat who is the honorary mayor of the little Alaskan town Talkeetna…..I swear this is the truth, go and look it up yourself.

Mayor Stubbs also happens to be the stage name of Matt Adam, a folk musician from Glasgow. I’ll be honest, folk music is a genre I’ve not delved into much, aside from the likes of Bec Sandridge, but based on what Matt has to offer in his self-titled debut EP, it’s a genre I really need to get into more because this is a smashing record.

It contains some fantastic, memorable writing, especially in the opening track Abandon Ship, and features superb guitar work throughout that gets me tapping my foot, with it being most prominent in the closing tune Spiderhands where he kicks up the tempo and nails every note in swift fashion without missing a beat.

An incredible debut release from a humble acoustic artist with some serious talent who deserves to be exposed to a wider audience.

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