REVIEW | This Is Blood Sport: Blind Summit

With metal being the first genre I ever really got invested in, I’m always welcome to discovering bands from the heavier side of music, and that’s the case with today’s subject – Fife based metalcore band This Is Blood Sport, who last summer put out their Blind Summit EP.

Kicking off with a cool intro, the opening track Game Over is a solid tune with some great screams, cracking guitars and smashing drum work, and a fast pace that is taken down a notch for a memorable chorus. Following that is the title track itself featuring some really good clean vocals that work off the screams very nicely, and there’s many swift riffs to be had.

After the quick Take Us Back is the closing track Equilibrium which delivers more of the goods established throughout the record.

All in all, an enjoyable EP from one of the finest metalcore bands to emerge from the east coast of Scotland. I’ll admit it does lose a little steam in the second half, but on the whole I can easily recommend this record to all who are fans of the genre.

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