REVIEW | A Plastic Rose: Flickering Light Of An Inner War

I first discovered Northern Irish rock band A Plastic Rose last year when they played Glasgow alongside Vukovi, and frankly I was quite impressed. Soon after, I spent my hard earned money on their debut album Camera. Shutter. Life, a smashing record I got hooked on to quickly, and with great tracks like Foreign Soil and Boy Racer, I often find myself going back to listen to it time and time again.

Fast forward to nearly a year later, the band have put out a new album titled Flickering Light Of An Inner War. After many months of hype and anticipation, did it live up to my expectations? Damn right, it did. As a matter of fact, it exceeded them big time.

This album is chock full of many elements that make it a fantastic listening experience. They do a mighty fine job on delivering some catchy rock tunes including Autumn Eases You Into The Dark, This Side Of Winter and Someone’s Daughter, as well as a fair share of wonderful slower numbers such as Garavogue and The Last Of All My Friends.

The band’s excellent writing talents are displayed in the likes of Avarice and the dark-toned Boxes, and their passion certainly shines through in tracks such as Move Islands and the closing track Be A Phoenix, which only does more to enrich the listener’s experience.

Every song has something great to offer, with none of them feeling out of place or seeming like mere filler, and for a hefty 14-track record that is a serious accomplishment. Safe to say, this is nothing short of a brilliant album that will certainly go down as one of 2015’s best. These guys deserve all the praise they have received, not only for their cracking talents but also for their efforts and clear dedication to produce the best music possible, and in this case it has undoubtedly paid off.

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